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DEBT WORKOUTS On the occasion of the Conference on Financing for Development held in Addis Ababa (13-16 (...) role in sovereign debt workouts. You are cordially invited to join this event. TUESDAY 14 JULY 2015
Language: English
Score: 145.56 - www.un.org/esa/ffd/wp-c...n-Debt-Workouts_14July2015.pdf
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Programme Initiatives Documents News & Media Blog Non Co-operative Creditors in Sovereign Debt Workouts Date (...) Countries’ debt constitute a significant menace for the outcome of debt workouts, particularly in Heavily (...) secondary markets or making it impossible for creditors to holdout during debt workouts). International
Language: English
Score: 102.93 - www.un.org/esa/ffd/ffd3...s-sovereign-debt-workouts.html
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Sovereign Debt Workouts rich 600 338
workouts">Non Co-operative (...) Creditors in Sovereign Debt Workouts